Nabeel's viva

Nabeel's viva

Celebration after Nabeel's viva

Lab Christmas party

Lab Christmas party

Lab Christmas party

BioCAS 2018

BioCAS 2018

Team attendence at the 2018 BioCAS conference in Turin

BioCAS 2017

BioCAS 2017

Demo at BioCAS 2017

2018 UKCAS

2018 UKCAS

Team attendendance at UKCAS conference

2018 Group picnic

2018 Group picnic

Group picnic as a bye bye to Nabeel Fattah

Current Team

Prof. Patrick Degenaar

Professor of Neuroprosthetics

I received a first-class (Hons.) degree in applied physics and an M.Res. Degree in surface science from Liverpool University, Liverpool, U.K., in 1996 and 1997, respectively. After a short period as a medical engineering technician, in Northern Ireland, I went on study a PhD in the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, which I completed in 2001. I then tried a period in the software industry in the Netherlands, but got bored and went on to an initial post-doctoral researcher position in the Physics dept, Imperial College, London. I had intended to go back to industry, but ended up interested in the new field of optogenetics in 2003. So I attained an RCUK fellowship and lectureship to explore the new technology for applications in retinal prosthesis in 2005. I was further promoted to senior lecturer in 2008, but decided to move to Newcastle in 2010, where I was promoted to reader in 2012 and full professor in 2019.  I’ve been involved with a number of different projects, but notably, between 2010-2014, I coordinated the Eur2.1M OptoNeuro FP7 project ( to develop an optogenetic retinal prosthesis. Since then, I have been the engineering workpackage leader on the flagship CANDO project ( to develop an optogenetic prosthesis to negate seizures in epileptic patients.

My Google scholar is here.

My ORID is here.

Dr Reza Tamadoni

Research Associate

Reza was graduated from Warwick University. He joined the Warwick University as a Post Doc research fellow in Engineering Department, working on Electronic Nose development. 


He later on moved from academia to industry and worked in a few spin-off companies from Warwick and Durham Universities before Joining an Innovation based company in Newcastle.


Reza research interests are mostly in Sensor Technology, Electro-Optics and Novel Innovative Devices. Reza has recently joined the Professor Degenaar team in Neuroprosthetics LAB working on the CANDO project.

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Dr Carl Dale

Research Associate

Carl has a multidisciplinary background, with a large and diverse skillset, who has practical expertise in developing novel technologies: biosensors and inertial-rate sensors. For his role working alongside the Neuro-Prosthetics Lab, as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, his research focusses on developing processes for fabricating silicon neuroprosthetics using novel micro-milling techniques. 

My Google scholar is here.

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Mr Lalit Miyan

Research Associate

I am a research associate with the team here at Newcastle University. Happy to be part of this research work. I am holding a Bachelor Of Engineering in "ELECTRONIC DESIGN TECHNOLOGY" from R.K.N.E.C., Nagpur (India) under Nagpur University in the year 1998. I have been in I. C. Design/ASIC/SoC industry for almost 2 decades. In the past I have worked for companies like Agilent/Avago Technologies ( Singapore ), NXP ( Singapore ),  Freescale Semiconductor <Now NXP > ( India ), Cadence Design Systems ( India). During this industry experience, I have 1 patent ( with 2 additional co-author ) and 2 defensive publication with  M/s Freescale Semiconductor ( Now NXP Semiconductors ). My last company I worked was Cadence Design Systems ( India ).
In the past I had been part of the design, develop, productionized of ASIC going into Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Chip with  MAC+BB+RADIO one-chip solution, General purpose MCU for Automotive & Industrial Radar ADAS System, etc. I like to debug and happy to share all ASIC done till date are 100% successful. 

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Dimitris Firfilionis

Research Assistant & PhD Student

I received my MEng degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2016 from Newcastle University. In August 2016 I joined the CANDO project as a research assistant, working on embedded systems and system integration. I recently started a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Degenaar, with a main focus on neural implantable devices for optogenetic applications.

My Google scholar is here.

Dr Ahmed Soltan

Academic Visitor

Ahmed Soltan received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Cairo, Cairo, Egypt, in 2004 and 2008, respectively. He received the Ph.D. degree in electronics and communication from Cairo University in 2014. He is currently working as a research associate at the School of Engineering, Newcastle University. His current research interests is about energy harvesting systems, power management and thermal modelling and behaviour for implementable biomedical devices. He is interested in embedded system design for lab-on-chip system. He is also interested in the investigation of fractional circuits and systems, specifically in fractional order analog filters for signal processing and fractional order modelling for biomedical applications.

My Google scholar is here.

Google Scholar

Banafsaj Rasool

PhD Student

I received my BSc degree from Nahrain University, Iraq, 2010. And first class MSc degree from Newcastle University, UK,2016. I awarded Santander Mobility award in 2017. I’m Currently PhD student under Supervision of Dr. Patrick Degenaar. My work is primarily focused on design and implantation of wireless ultrasonic data and powering of implantable medical devices.

My Google scholar is here​.

Yu Liu

PhD Student

I received my BEng degree (Automation & Control) from Jilin University, China, 2015, and MSc degree (Wireless Embedded System) with distinction from Newcastle University, UK, 2017. I’m currently PhD student under supervision of Dr. Patrick Degenaar, with current focus on design of wireless data and power transmission of implantable devices and design of the optogenetic visual prothesis.

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Research Staff

Ahmed Soltan (2014-2019)

Jun Luo (2015-2019)

Reza Ramezani (2015-2019)

Rachel Savidis

Fahimeh Dekhoda (2014-2017)

Soumya Laha (2014-2015)

Walid Al Atabany (2010-2014)

Rolando Berlinguer (2010-2014)

Kamyar Mehran (2011-2013)

Arfan Ghani (2011-2012)

 Brian McGovern (2007-2010)

Konstantin Nikolic (2006-2009)

 Muthu Murugeson (2007-2008)


Lijuan Xia (2014-2019)

Nabeel Fattah (2013-2017)

Ali Alameer (2014-2018)

Austin Ogweno (2014-2018)

Graeme Coapes (2012-2016)

Hubin Zhao (2012-2016)

Musa Al Yaman (2012-2015)

Jun Luo (2011-2014)

Tassanai Parrittoloporn (2007-2011)

Walid Al Atabany (2007-2010)

Nir Grossman (2006-2009)


Kaung Oo Thet, Michael Evans, Nikolay Vysokov

Academic Visitor

Prof. Nahed Solouma

Dr Hwa Jeong Kim

Dr Muhammed Memon

Dr Walid Al Atabany

Mr (Dr) Dong Na (2014-2017)

UG/MSc Project students

(2019-2020) Leon Lo, Adam Chapman, Saad Alsebaiee, Frank Smeaton, Hadia Nahvi, Hongzhe Zhong, Yuting Lou, Jinwei Zhao, Peihan Zhao

(2018-2019) Arda Denizer, Zhenyang Hou, Adam Nattrass, Javier Dominguez, Muhammed Latif

(2017-2018) Ahmed Elmorani, Keith Feng Majeed Sulayman, Yalun Zhang

(2016-2017) Ziyi Ren, Alex Shand, Alex Tuddenham, Conor Newton, Hao Zheng, Alex Shaal, Yu Liu

(2015-2016) Dimitris Firfilionis, Banafsaj Jaafar, Greg Money, Qiao Ooi, Rob Hirst, Shaoyang Wang, Xuanli Zhu, Ziying Wang

(2014-2015) Dimitris Firfilionis, Shirin Hussein, Siqi Liu

(2013-2014)  Nicola Lacalendola, Ross Bridges, Aubrey Chiduku, Flavio Ambrosioni, Jack Walters, Jason Watson, Jonathon Hoggarth, Lijuan Xia, Chen Zhu, Jiaqing Lin, Yuan Zhang

(2012-2013) Ahmed Mahmood, Boyang Lu, Iain Singleton, Kaung Oo Thet, Sebastian Bodger

(2011-2012) Abir Rajikhowa, Hui Li, Ibitayo Ajiboye, Jen Edwin, Nicholas Raistrick, Sarah Banon, Saravan Pandiyan  

(2010-2011) Kiran Jose, Sai Hsam, Shoaib Rahimmudin Otilla Frangu

(Previously at Imperial College)

(2009-2010) Rheeda Ali, Nikhil Howai, Laura Huckins, Holly Phillips, Jingzhi An, Michael Ho, Chloe Vaniet, Rheese Burges, Loizos Siakallis, Alice Hope, Jorge Fariah, Sarah Mutch

(2008-2009) Rajeev Rhikye, Rjaesh Bharakhada, Zheng Goh, Xulin Tan, Maira Tariq, Tzyy Tong, Sergot Leon

(2007-2008) Alex Slater, Lucas Hadjilucas, Selina Solomon, Nanna Li, Deborah O'Neill, Phillip Coley, Phillip Mullan, Abishek Rana

(2006-2007) Ayishwarya Premanathan, Julian, Marco Lee, Aidan O'Sullivan, Jason Cowell, Jack Garrrett-Jones, Peter Welinder, Joaquim Loizu

(2005-2006) Lillian Yeung, Joel Natlale, Killian Frensch


(2020) Ihab Nouira

(2019) Alistair Harvey, Fanis Baikas, Yrgalem Zeleke, Zhenyang Hou

(2018) Alekz Farrall, Majeed Sulayman, Will Johns, Muhammad Latif

(2017) Ahmed Elmorani, Ali Younessi, Joel Holland, Toby Middleton, Joe Scott, Joel Holland

(2016) Alex Shand, Bruce Daniels, Alex Shaal, Dimitris Firfilionis, Giovanni Passetti

(2015) Calvin de Oliveira,

(2015) Cesar Murillo, Qiao Ooi

(2013) Ahmed Soltan, Jonathon Hoggarth, Yao Zhuang, Yohan Wanderoild, Zain Imran

(2012) Benjamin Davies, Phillip Addison, 

(Previously at Imperial College)

(2008) Alexander Slater

(2007) Yuxuan Zhan, Tzyy Tong

(2006) Ayishwarya Premanathan, Amanda See, Mario Gamez