Current funding 
2014–2021 EPSRC/Wellcome Trust – CANDO (102037/Z/13/Z) (NS/A000026/1) (www.cando.ac.uk

Prior Funding
2016-2018 British Council Newton Fund (hapticvisionproject.org/)
2013-2015 Newcastle BMRC
2013-2015 Macular Disease Society
2010-2014 European commission - OptoNeuro FP7 project (216344044) (www.optoneuro.eu
2013-2013 EPSRC Equipment award 
2012-2013 eFuture XD
2012-2013 EPSRC Nanotechnology Sandpit 
2011-2012 EPSRC Knowledge Transfer account 
2011-2011 Human Plus award 
2010-2011 Foundation Thierri Latran 
2009-2010 The RSE/BBSRC for funding Dr Grossman's Enterprize fellowship 
2008-2011 The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (F021127) 
2008-2011 The Engineering and Physical Research Council ( EP/F029241/1) 
2006-2007 Royal Society Research fund 
2005-2008 University of London Central Research Fund (AR/CRF/B) 
2005-2007 Advance Nanotech 
2005-2010 RCUK for funding Dr Degenaar's RCUK Academic Fellowship (EP/E500641/1) 

International PhD scholarship funding
2013-2015 European commission – Erasmus Mundus student exchange 
2012-2015 China CSC – Hubin Zhao 
2012-2015 Jordan University – Musa Al Yaman 
2012-2015 Iraqi Government – Nabeel Fattah 
2007-2010 Thai Government – Tassanai Parritokoporn 
2007-2010 Egyptian Government – Walid Al Atabany
1997-2001 Monbugakusho for funding Dr Degenaar's PhD studies in Japan

Welcome Trust
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Macular Society
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Seventh Framework Programm
British Council
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